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Does your stiff, sore body keep you from moving and living the way you used to? Chiropractic care from the professionals of Spina Chiropractic could be the answer to your problems. We provide personalized chiropractic care for the entire family, diagnosing and treating problematic areas of the body that interfere with the body’s natural function.

Dr. Mark Spina - Offering his helping hands to improve your overall health

Our chiropractic care team is dedicated to providing individualized care to each and every patient to ensure that his or her chiropractic needs are being met.

Get relief for pain associated with...

- Neck pain
- Back pain
- Shoulder pain
- Arm pain
- Hip pain
- Leg pain
- Sciatica
- Headaches
- Fatigue
- Sports injuries
- Wellness care

Improving your strength, flexibility

The normal stresses of daily life, unexpected injuries and accidents, and chronic illnesses can all cause painful subluxations on your body. Chiropractic care focuses on unlocking your body's natural healing potential. We focus on your back realignment through:

- Adjustment and manipulation
- Manual traction
- Strength training
- Trigger point massage
- Exercise
- Rapid release therapy


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