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I would like to say that I have never been to a chiropractor before. I developed sciatica as I grew older but it was very seldom and only lasted for a few minutes. 7 weeks ago after I pulled my back out, the sciatica appeared. When I had to walk a long distance while at work, I would only be 1/3 of the distance I had to walk and the pain was unbearable. I actually had to take time off from work to try and rest and heal and the pain was still there...so I made an appointment with Dr. Spina. I onl

- C.B.M.

Love Dr. Spina. have been going here for about 5 or 6 years now. Terry is great on the front desk and they always happy to accommodate without an appointment. Dr Spina treats me for migraines due to neck issues. Seriously, sometimes I just want to throw myself off a bridge to be rid of the excruciating and debilitating pain I go through for weeks on end when my neck just wont stabilize. But Dr Mark woks me through it and on occasion has even stayed back after hours to enable me to get there to g

- S.D.

I hurt my back after I slipped and fell. My friend recommended Spina Chiropractic and so I went for some treatment. I got relief immediately from the combined treatments of the pain relief team. Now I maintain myself by doing the exercises they recommended and showed me. Thank you to the entire team at Spina Chiropractic


I injured my right shoulder at work restraining a patient. Before coming to Spina Chiropractic I saw several specialists, which offered little answers and less help. Working with the physical therapist at Spina Chiropractic, I was able to return to work in one month after being out of work for four months. Thank you


The physical therapy treatment at Spina Chiropractic handled my chronic knee pain. I can now run again and have finished a 10K race. You guys rock.


Migraines made my life miserable. Coming to Spina Chiropractic was the best thing I have ever done. Thanks to the teams approach there, I have no more headaches.


I had severe pain in my neck and back after a car accident. The medication I was taking was upsetting my stomach. At Spina Chiropractic they evaluated, diagnosed and treated me and over a short period of time I was feeling better and off all medication. Thank you.


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